Volunteer at Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens Institute volunteers have helped visitors from all over the world explore and learn about Mount St. Helens for over 20 years. They build the connection between person and place by engaging and teaching people of all ages and help everyone enjoy and appreciate this spectacular volcanic landscape. Have fun, explore the outdoors, share nature with others, and become a volunteer.

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Volcano Volunteers


Share your passion for the outdoors with others at visitor centers on the mountain

Volcano Naturalist Programvolcano-naturalist_300x300_72ppi

Become a certified Volcano Naturalist & learn all about Mount St. Helens during a 12 week course

International Volunteersinternational-volunteer_300x300_72ppi

Visit us and come volunteer at one of the world’s most famous volcanoes for a minimum of 2 months!


Mountain Steward


Assist climbers and hikers on popular trails, including the climbing route

Conservation Corpsconservation-corps_300x300_72ppi

Help maintain trails and eradicate invasive plants on Mount St. Helens

Event Volunteersevents-volunteer_300x300_72ppi

Support our community events both on and off the mountain


Education Volunteers


Engage students in hands-on science activities on the mountain and in the classroom

Site Hosts


Spend your summer on Mount St. Helens caring for recreation areas and greeting visitors