Recovery of stream ecosystems following catastrophic disturbances

This study was conducted in the Clearwater basin of Mount St. Helens. Three projects within the study investigate recovery of trout and sculpin populations, tailed frog populations, and invertebrate populations. Trout were studied in the main channel of Clearwater Creek, and the effects of large woody debris in the stream on fish populations were examined. Trout populations were still low as of 1990, being one-tenth to 20% of that in undisturbed stream systems; this appears largely due to interruption of spawning in years following the blast and to continuing lack of spawning habitat. Trout densities were found to be higher in areas with lots of woody debris. The condition of trout was high throughout the stream in years since 1984 presumably due to rapid recovery of high abundance of invertebrate prey. By 1985 sculpin densities were as high as or higher than in undisturbed streams.


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