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Explore Mount St. Helens and learn about its eruptions and their influence on natural systems.  Visit us onsite or online and experience the wonder of this amazing natural laboratory.

Earth in Action

Learn about the 1980 and 2004-2008 eruptions and how ongoing research is advancing our understanding of volcanic processes.

The Earth in Action

Return to Life

Learn about the return of life to the 1980 blast zone and how long-term studies are transforming our thinking about how ecosystems respond to large-scale disturbance.

Explore the Biology of MSH

Volcanic Explorations

Join us for onsite classes and activities or online and learn how scientists, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts are learning from and being inspired by Mount St. Helens.

Volcanic Explorations

Visit Mount St. Helens

Information about visitor attractions, viewpoints and trails on the three very different sides of Mount St. Helens (west, south and east).

Visit Mount St. Helens