Return to Life Facts and Research

Learn how life has flourished in the shattered forests and debris-filled valleys created by the 1980 eruption. Long-term studies are revealing the importance of this productive new habitat and how ecosystems respond to large-scale disturbance.


Mount St. Helens Return to Life Facts


FAQs on the Return of Life 

Bibliography of Mount St. Helens Research

Summary of Three Decades of Ecological Research

Ecological Responses to the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens

Checklist of Birds and their Habitats at Mount St. Helens

Satellite View of 30 Years of Vegetation Change


Mount St. Helens Return to Life Research


A partial list of biological studies conducted at Mount St. Helens.

PLEASE NOTE: Research Abstracts were assembled in 1993. As new information is received this database will be updated.


Mount St. Helens Biological Research Abstracts

Biological Research Study Site Maps



Research Opportunities at Mount St. Helens 


There are many excellent research opportunities due to a rich history of past research, long-term data sets, and opportunities for collaboration with past and present investigators.  The community of scientists engaged at Mount St. Helens are interested in collaborating with bona fide investigators who are interested in helping to develop new research initiatives.  To find out how your research interests might fit in with available opportunities contact the Monument Scientist (360.449.7835).


How to Apply for a Research or Media Access Permit