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Thanks to: USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, USFS PNW Research Station and all the scientists and individuals who contributed photos for this website.


Special Thanks to the Scientists who Contributed to  the ‘Return to Life’ Stories 

(Listed in Order of Videos from Left to Right):


  • Far Reaching Destruction–Peter Frenzen, USFS Mount St. Helens
  • A Forest Delayed–John Bishop, Washington State Univ.–Vancouver
  • A Blank Canvas – Dave Wood, Univ. California–Chico
  • Underground Mysteries–Mike Allen, Univ. California–Riverside
  • Unnatural Seeding–Virginia Dale, Oak Ridge National Labs
  • The Forest Returns–Peter Frenzen, USFS Mount St. Helens
  • Life Persists–Jerry Franklin, Univ. Washington
  • Frogs Rebound–Chuck Hawkins, Utah State Univ.
  • From Disaster Comes Diversity–Mark Swanson, Washington State Univ.
  • Dead Forest Bird Heaven–Elise Larsen, Univ. Maryland
  • Ashfall Legacy–Joe Antos, Univ. Victoria, Canada
  • Buried Alive–Don Zobel, Oregon State Univ.
  • Underground Survivors–Charlie Crisafulli, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • Erosion: Nature’s Sculptor–Fred Swanson, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • Streams of Change–Tom Lisle, USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station
  • Elk Flourish–Evelyn Merrill, Univ. Alberta, Canada


Return of Life Story Production (originally produced for award-winning touchscreen exhibit):