Fees, Regulations and Pet Policy

Your Fees Help Support the Monument


Interpretive services and facilities on the Westside of Mount St. Helens are supported by your purchase of a Monument Pass. Passes are $8 per adult (youth 15 and younger are free). Monument passes are required at the Johnston Ridge Observatory and adjacent trails and can be purchased at the Johnston Ridge Observatory.


On the Eastside and Southside of the monument, a National Forest Recreation Pass is required at designated sites. The cost is $5 per vehicle per day. Annual passes are $30. Passes are sold at Forest Service offices and at self-service pay stations around the monument.


Purchase Your Interagency Annual Pass at Mount St. Helens and Help Support Your National Volcanic Monument

Fees from pass sales are used to provide the services and facilities you enjoy during your visit. An Interagency Annual Pass is available for $80 and has two signature lines. At per-person fee sites, it admits the pass holder and up to three additional visitors.


Interagency Annual, Senior, Military and Access Passes are available at monument and Forest Service offices. The passes are honored nationwide at Forest Service, National Park Service, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service sites charging entrance or standard amenity fees.


Help Protect Mount St. Helens


In 1982, Congress established the 110,300 acre Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument to preserve the amazing landscape created by the 1980 eruption and provide for scientific research, education and recreation.

• Stay on paved areas and designated hiking trails.

• Do not disturb or remove any natural feature.

• Collection of berries, mushrooms and firewood is prohibited.

• Do not feed the animals.

• Keep pets on a leash and in designated pet areas.


Take Care of Your Pet and Help Protect the Monument


To protect plant and animal life and provide for visitor safety, pets are prohibited at all recreation sites and trails within the monument’s restricted area (see yellow shaded are on map). Pets are permitted only in designated pet areas and must be on a leash.


Lack of shade and summer heat can endanger pets left in cars.  For the safety and comfort of your pet, please arrange to leave your pet at home. Contact any Forest Service office for information on where it is safe and legal to bring your pet.